Department of Business Computing


Welcome to the Department of Business Computing where your academic life will be greatly imparted.

The department has very innovative programs that are industry and Business cognizant and thus, is very committed to training students to be able to solve the numerous Business problems confronting us in every aspect of our society/economy.

For we are strategically aligned with industry and the Business world to have that necessary cross-pollination and cross-breeding of ideas for the total development of our students. The pedagogies we deploy in conveying our lectures/teachings are modern and technologically inclined.

We are a practically oriented department where students may come in without any skills but are destined to graduate with the necessary expertise for the job market.

Our students are also trained for continuous and further studies/research to be game-changers in society.

You will never regret coming into the Department of Business Computing. I wish you a memorable and exciting student life in the Department.

Prof. Edem Kwedzo Bankas

Prof. Edem Kwedzo Bankas

HOD, Business Computing

The ever-growing concerns of businesses the world over to be efficient and productive with little or minimum effort cannot be overemphasized. Computing has proven to be the solution to achieving these far-reaching and rather complex problems.

The Department has carefully worked around with industry players and seasoned businesses, business magnates through a well laid out cutting-edge research which has produced good solutions for the up and coming scholars and future businessmen and women who would be well-positioned and armed with potent ideas and solutions to take up the world by storm.

The Department of Business Computing seeks to promote scholarship, as well as search for academic work and application of Business and scientific knowledge through education, training, and research to train highly skilled and globally-employable Business computer scientists and conducting ground-breaking research to address global problems in the Business industry and the economy employing the use of computing.

Department of Business Computing (DBC) is to serve as a center of excellence in training graduates for the Ghanaian and Africa job markets using a multi/inter-disciplinary approach; combining Economics, Business administration, Accounting with modern technology, and entrepreneurial skills. DBC seeks to meet Ghana’s needs, as a gateway institution both within the African region and globally. It will serve as a hub for local and global talent, business research, business-university partnerships, global leadership, local entrepreneurship, and innovation.

The distinctiveness of the Department of Business computing which is under the School of Computing and Information Sciences (SCIS), C.K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences is focused on meeting the management and IT needs of local, public, and private organizations within the dynamic global economy. Building on CK-UTAS’s motto of “Creativity, Innovation, and Transformation”, the Department shall aim at offering training in research and outreach programs, to be a completely global business incubator, educating the world as well as innovating for the world through training and research.

The DBC’s core themes center on interdisciplinary clusters in management, economics, ICT, globalization, innovation, agribusiness, food security, and entrepreneurship, with a focus on specific sectors and issues salient for Africa in particular. The focus of the Department aligns with emerging trends and CKT-UTAS’s interests and priorities for growth.

The Department currently runs BSc. degrees in Computing with Accounting, Computing with Administration, Computing with Economics and a Diploma in Business Computing. One of the success stories of the Department is that about 30% of the Lecturers currently teaching in the Department are its products. Some of the software products used by the University for its business processes were developed and are being managed by staff of the Department.

Undergraduate Programmes

  • B.Sc. in Computing-With-Accounting
  • Financial Security and Analysis
  • Financial Globalization
  • Financial Information Systems
  • Applied Global Money Management
  • Communication, Networking Security
  • Decision Support System
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Business Information Systems and Design
  • Technology in Global Markets
  • Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurs
  • Health Care and Information Technology
  • Globalization and International Business


Prof. Edem Kwedzo Bankas

Prof. Edem Kwedzo Bankas

HOD, Business Computing